Healthcare providers face a variety of challenges in an ever-changing business landscape.
Whether in expansion mode or fiscal stress, healthcare organizations are faced with a growing number of challenges, such as:

  • Solving daily working capital needs
  • ​Lagging reimbursements
  • ​Reduced payments
  • ​Spiraling costs
  • ​Denials from payors
  • Increased demands on cash flow
  • Changing technology
  • ​Increasing patient demands
  • ​New HIPAA mandates
  • ​Electronic medical record requirements
  • ​Modernizing facilities
  • ​Protecting market share

    Success in meeting these challenges depends upon maintaining a steady, reliable cash flow and having access to necessary working capital to support inconsistent revenue cycles. A healthy solution to the fiscal demands created by these challenges should include a well-balanced portfolio of funding tools that support short-term and long-term financial objectives. AcceleFunding has a full array of financial products to help your medical business.

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