Hey, why does a funding company
have a social media marketing page?
Great question!

We believe in entrepreneurs.

We believe in supporting small businesses.

That’s why we founded AcceleFunding – to help business owners find the cash they need to make their business succeed. Sometimes a client needs cash to fill an order for an existing customer.

Sometimes, a client just needs more customers!

That's where our Antisocial Marketing expertise comes in.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to create a huge buzz for your business on Instagram.


We're sociable, so you don't have to be

Our clients don't have to step outside of their existing business niche to to attend the University of Instagram!  We have the highly specialized Instagram, email and text (SMS) marketing knowledge.

We are equipped with the knowledge and the right people, proprietary procedures, and systems to get the work done effectively and create results.

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Our business already has an Instagram account. What more can you do?

Quite a lot, actually! Is it a well-performing account? We will cultivate a loyal, engaged, passionate group of followers who feel a tribal sense of community and appreciation for your business – clients who will keep you “top of mind” and who will automatically make a buying decision to spend their hard earned dollars with you because they have a relationship with you. Engaged followers = loyal customers! We define a “well performing” account as one where the followers are actually engaging with the page!


What if we don’t have an Instagram account?

No problem! We can create an account for you!


Do you work with other social media platforms in addition to Instagram?  

Yes! Do you want your Instagram feed automatically also sent to Twitter? Do you need a new FaceBook business page created and connected to your Instagram page? Do you want your Instagram photo and caption pushed into a LinkedIn business page post? We can do that – and more!


How does it work?  

The idea is to create a buzz with your customers. By providing constant value and engagement, through photos, online interaction, promotions, hashtag contests, etc.

This sounds awesome! What else can you do for me?

  •  Email marketing campaigns
  • Text marketing campaigns
  • Copy writing
  • Photography
  • Practical, results-oriented market research
  • Strategic consulting for your comprehensive marketing plan
  • Create, manage and provide advice on content for FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts


 I’m not all that enthusiastic about Instagram. Why would I want to do this? 

The primary goal in Instagram marketing is to get a follower OUT of Instagram, either directly to your place of business to spend some money, or to your website (and onto your email list!)


But my business isn’t like others, does this really apply to me?

Every client and every business has a unique set of challenges. We'll have a great exploratory discussion to determine your specific needs, what you already have in place, and what your goals are. Based on what we determine, we will create a custom plan for your business. 


How much does it cost?

We will put together a marketing package that meets your business’ needs, market size, and goals. Your cost is based upon the services included in your customized plan.


What about referrals?

We love them! We are happy to reward our loyal clients who refer others that use our services.


Can you provide client references?  Sorry, that's a very strong NO! We don’t kiss and tell! Our professional services agreement has strong confidentiality and non-circumvention clauses. We won’t share client information – not yours, and not theirs! 


Who was the best James Bond?  Well, they were all accomplished actors with their own individual strengths! Hard to say! (editor’s note: it's unarguably Sean Connery)

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