How much business do you lose when a patient needs a procedure or service not covered by insurance and they don’t have the upfront cash to pay now?

What if you could offer your patients an easy payment plan with no credit check – and a guaranteed payment to you?

Let AcceleFunding help you recover lost clients and generate new ones.


Your patients can get the treatment they are looking for right away with this short term payment plan - a less expensive option than high interest credit cards, leases, or personal loans. Plans range from 3 to 12 months with amounts from a few hundred to several thousand per purchase. Our flexible approval process examines several criteria benefiting your patients who can afford to make a purchase over a short period of time.

Imagine a patient needs services with a cost of $500 or more, does not have the credit or upfront cash to pay now, but could over a period of time. With our NO CREDIT CHECK financing program you can now treat this patient with a 100% guarantee that you will be paid in full without the headaches of billing and collections. You can now provide a lower cost alternative to credit based financing that rewards responsible consumers. You have the ability to offer them a better option.

Your office does not need to bill or collect on these clients. Once approved, the payments are 100% guaranteed to your business. After receipt of your initial payment of up to $3,500.00 and down payment, each ACH thereafter will be deposited into your business account.


Offer a purchasing option designed to fit your client’s budget. This short term payment plan is usually less expensive for the client than the cost of using a credit card. There is no credit check, no Social Security number needed. We examine income, spending habits, and prior banking history to calculate a manageable payment plan. Payments are collected via ACH debit. There is no interest charged. The application form is simple. In order to qualify, your patient needs:

  • A valid ID: Current Driver’s License, State ID or Military ID
  • A pre-printed check or a bank verification
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Most recent paycheck stub
  • That’s all that’s needed. Our quick approval process can get your patient set up on a 3-12 month payment plan that works for them.


    Money Manager

    Increase sales, build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Distinguish yourself from the competition by providing an easy, affordable way for your clients to access your services. This no credit check, short-term payment plan is perfect for sales from $100 to $5000 and beyond. Your customers can take from three to twelve months to pay. We evaluate a client’s income, banking history and spending habits to determine eligibility, and set up a payment plan that works for them.

    Easy for you, easy for your clients. The application is simple to process in-house. We offer complete training and setup, and complete marketing materials. Customer service is always available with our 24/7 internet support.

    Better manage your cash flow. Our three-tier approval process facilitates up front funding or additional revenue via an in store finance option. Up to $3,500 is available upfront with our fast track funding option. Don’t wait to get paid!